Molodoy typeface

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„Molodoy“ is a striking font that challenges visual habits by embracing extreme contrasts. It’s a reverse-contrast typeface that plays with edgy and soft shapes, as well as a high distinction in line-width. Molodoy‘s stylistic alternatives allow control over the feel of the text, shifting it to more sharp or rounded shapes. Additionally, interpunction can be changed to provide subtle support or make a bold statement. It is a powerful and loud typeface for headlines, nevertheless lending an electrifying vibe to body text. It comes in two weights, covering West-European character sets. The word „Molodoy“ derives from the fictional language Nadsat and means „youth,“ hinting towards the dualistic personality within the characters – making Molodoy both soft and a bully at the same time.

supervised by Daniel Perraudin & Holger Jacobs
reverse-contrast typeface
regular, bold

Molodoy typeface

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